Dr. Vivian Davidson Hewitt

(Charlotte, North Carolina) – Collector, Benefactor, Advocate of the Arts [inducted 1999]

Dr. Vivian Davidson Hewitt, and her husband John, began a collection of art fifty years ago as newlyweds. Their first original work was acquired from Dr. Hewitt’s cousin, J. Eugene Grigsby. From this purchase sprang the plethora of the Hewitt Collection of Art. Dr. Hewitt has spent half a century as art collector, art aficionado, and patron of great American artists.

The Hewitt Collection is regarded as one of the most important and comprehensive collections of art produced by artists of color during this century. Among the artists represented in the collection are: Romare Bearden, Elizabeth Catlett, Jonathan Green, Jacob Lawrence, Henry Ossawa Tanner, and Hale Woodruff. The fifty-eight works in the collection range in style from straightforward representation to total abstraction.

The Hewitt Collection was recently purchased by The Bank of America as a promised gift for the African-American Cultural Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. After a three-year national tour, the Collection will find its permanent home at the center.

Dr. Hewitt is an inspiration, teacher, benefactor, and advocate of the Arts who embodies the Essence of The Pierians, Incorporated.