On December 13, 1958,  The Pierians was founded by Mrs. Annette C. Johnson in Baltimore, Maryland. Nine women joined Mrs. Johnson in her interests in the arts, to form this group which became unique to Baltimore and to Maryland audiences. The nine women who joined Annette Johnson in the founding of this organization were: Kathleen Carter, Olivia Dixon, Mercedes Douglass, Hazel Fleming, Jewel Moseley, Charlotte Mebane, Lydia Mussenden, Gwendolyn Tarter, and Mamie Todd. This organization is known as The Pierians, a name taken from the word Pieria, which was a region of Ancient Macedonia, one of the earliest seats of the Muses. The Pierians’ spring was a fountain in Pieria sacred to the Muses and believed to communicate poetic inspiration. This organization is devoted to the purpose of promoting and encouraging the study and enjoyment of the fine arts. The Pierians became incorporated in 1983. In 1993, the official documents of this organization were presented to the Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore, Maryland, thereby ensuring a place of importance in the chronology of Maryland.

Since the chartering of the first chapter in Baltimore, Maryland, there have been 13 other chapters formed making The Pierians, a national organization.

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