Leaders and Legacy….. Charting the Way to Excellence

Karen Abercrombie (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) – Actress, Singer-songwriter [inducted 2016]

Beverly Adams Thomas (Detroit, Michigan) – Artist, Educator [inducted 2014]

K. Joy Ballard Peters (Atlanta, Georgia) – Artist, Educator [inducted 2012]

*Eva Anderson (Columbia, Maryland) – Dancer, Choreographer [inducted 2003]

Dr. Leslie King-Hammond (Baltimore, Maryland) – Art Historian, Educator, Artist [inducted 2003]

Dr. Vernell A. Lillie (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) – Artistic Director/Theater Producer, Lecturer, Writer [inducted 2003]

Dr. Vivian Davidson Hewitt (Charlotte, North Carolina) – Collector, Benefactor, Advocate of the Arts [inducted 1999]

*Etta Moten Barnett (Chicago, Illinois) – Concert artist, Lecturer, Recitalist, Collector of Artifacts, Student of Third World Culture [inducted 1991]

*Dr. Selma H. Burke (New Hope, Pennsylvania) – Famous sculptress, Painter, creator of the FDR profile that appears on the dime [inducted 1991]

*Dr. Eileen Cline (Louisville, Colorado) – Award-winning author/educator, former Dean of the Conservatory  of Music at The Johns Hopkins University, author of The Pierian Hymn [inducted 1991]